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Deane Locke

Deane Locke

Yucca Valley, CA


Growing up I dreamed of becoming an artist. As with so many people, opportunity didnít present itself until about six years ago. Finally, I have time and opportunity to pursue my passion for painting. I take great pleasure working with watercolors and pastels. I enjoy the challenge of watercolor painting because of it's fluidity and transparency. I work with only 14 colors and have enjoyed learning to mix my colors from 'scratch." I have been fortunate to have won several awards at judges art show. I seem to paint blooms, barns and birds then throw in subjects that fascinate me. I also reproduce my paintings for prints and note cards.

I am a member of Chaparral Artists, Morongo Valley Art Colony, 29 Palms Art Guild, Desert Art Center and Watercolor West.

I was born in Oklahoma. My family moved to California in 1958. ďDoesnít that make me an "almost native?" My husband and I moved to Yucca Valley, CA in 1984.



Red Hybiscus by Deane Locke


Pink Waterlily by Deane Locke


Ribbon Candy Poinsettia by Deane Locke


Orange Cactus Flower II by Deane Locke


Autumn Bounty by Deane Locke


Bald Eagle by Deane Locke


Golden Eagle Ranch Barn by Deane Locke


Orange Cactus Flowers by Deane Locke


Wide Mulberries by Deane Locke


Mexican Wild Poinsetta by Deane Locke


Blue Birds by Deane Locke


Dapple Grey by Deane Locke


Desert Thunder Storm by Deane Locke


Sunflower II by Deane Locke


Angel Trumpets by Deane Locke